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These four pictures demonstrate different media Pat uses.

Digital Collage - Pat utilises predomently Adobe Photoshop with her own photographs and drawings.

Lithograph - Drawn directly onto stone and then printed.

Watercolour - Pat has been painting watercolours for over 50 years.

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Here Pat utilises the pencil drawing of a bird within the picture 'Birds at Night'. The landscape was painted in gouache and then digitally enhanced and collaged.

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'Blossom on Green' is the original painting that was then digitally enchanced to produce Blossom on Blue.

'Forest Stags' is a collage of two pencil drawings and the yellow blossom from 'Blossom on Green'.

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Pat is facinated by the beauty of trees and branches in Winter and has portrayed this by collaging photographs and lace.

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'Bath Tree' portrays a walk, with the the hyacinths leading you into the wide open.

'The Dizziness of Freedom' incorporates a bird from a screenprint and then digitally enchanced.

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